Your question: What can I eat for breakfast on slimming world?

What cereals can I eat on Slimming World?

New Healthy Extra B Cereals

  • 50g Kellogg’s All-Bran Original.
  • 45g bran flakes.
  • 45g fruit-filled wheat biscuits, blueberry/raisin.
  • 45g oat bran*
  • 45g Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli.
  • 45g Jordan’s Natural Muesli (No Added Sugar)
  • 45g Weetabix Crunchy Bran.
  • 40g porridge oats (unflavoured)*

Is Weetabix allowed on Slimming World?

Top 2 Weetabix (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) with fat-free natural Greek-style yogurt and berries. Enjoy with a latte coffee made with milk from your allowance (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice).

Are eggs free on Slimming World?

essentials. Free Food is your new best friend and the hero of every great Food Optimising plate. … Free Foods include lean meat, eggs, fish, pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. They’re filling and low in calories for their weight — so you can eat as much Free Food as you like!

Is Porridge allowed on Slimming World?

Deduct 7 Syns if using Porridge oats dried as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice. Warming, comforting and easy to prepare – you canʼt beat an oven-baked spud, especially with a tasty tuna-and-sweetcorn topping!

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Can I eat a whole tin of baked beans on Slimming World?

Free Foods including baked beans, broad beans and mung beans will no longer be marked with ‘P’ meaning protein-rich. However, they will still be considered Free – so dieters won’t have to worry about weighing or measuring beforehand.

What can I snack on in Slimming World?

10 Free Food snack ideas:

  • cooked chicken drumsticks with the skin removed.
  • corn on the cob.
  • cherry tomatoes.
  • seafood sticks.
  • hard-boiled eggs.
  • fresh or frozen fruit.
  • sliced peppers.
  • fat-free natural yogurt with fresh fruit.

Which is the best cereal for weight loss?

The Best Breakfast Cereals for Weight Loss

  • General Mills Cheerios.
  • Kellogg’s All-Bran.
  • General Mills Fiber One Original.
  • Kashi 7 Whole Grain Nuggets.
  • Kellogg’s Bite Size Unfrosted Mini-Wheats.
  • Kashi GoLean.
  • Post Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran.
  • Nature’s Path Organic SmartBran.

Which is better for you Weetabix or porridge?

Porridge and Weetabix contain up to 10 times more fibre and just a fraction of the salt and sugar in other best-sellers. … Kelloggs Special K meanwhile is marketed as a healthy breakfast cereal but has 17 times as much sugar as porridge, with half the fibre.

Can you eat bread on Slimming World?

Choices include wholemeal bread and breakfast cereals for fibre, and milk and cheese for calcium. When you’re Food Optimising you’ll choose two measured Healthy Extra ‘a’ options (for calcium) and one measured Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice (for fibre) each day.

What snacks are syn free on Slimming World?

29 Syn Free Snacks on Slimming World

  • Creamy Garlic Mushrooms. …
  • Marmite Mac & Cheese Bites. …
  • Seafood Sticks. …
  • Cottage Cheese. …
  • Onion Bhajis. …
  • Fresh Veggie Crudites With Homemade Tzatiki. …
  • Fresh Fruit Salad. …
  • Indian Veggie Soup.
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Are jacket potatoes free on Slimming World?

Is a jacket potato free on Slimming World? Yes, a plain jacket potato is free on Slimming World.

Is Bacon Free on Slimming World?

If you have the time, nothing can beat a classic cooked breakfast. Amazingly, the Slimming World big breakfast, showcasing sausages, bacon, egg, beans and more, is completely Free, so it doesn’t have to be an occasional weekend treat.

Can I use Weetabix instead of oats?

You can replace the Weetabix with oats if you prefer (40g porridge oats is a healthy extra B choice) but I personally do not like overnight oats, hence why I make with Weetabix instead and I almost always have chocolate Weetabix!

Are bananas free in Slimming World?

Fruits like bananas are slighter higher in energy than say strawberries or melon, and are therefore slighter higher in calories gram for gram – so they’re Free Foods, but not Speed. …

Is Slim Fast porridge a snack or a meal?

Use SlimFast Porridges as 1 of your 3 snacks per day, as part of the SlimFast 3-2-1 diet. More details can be found at, including meal planners and recipe ideas.