Is being a Slimming World consultant worth it?

How much money can you make as a Slimming World consultant?

Being a Slimming World Consultant offers:

An excellent income and flexible hours that fit around family life. On average, Consultants earn between £100-400/€200-600 for working 10-20 flexible hours per week* Encouragement, help and support, along with expert training at the Slimming World Academy.

Are Slimming World Consultants self employed?

SW is a franchise so consultants are effectively self employed although told what to do and say and how to act and give most of what they earn to SW head office.

Do you have to pay to be a Slimming World consultant?

Slimming World is a franchise, so you pay £1,500 upfront, which covers all your training and your first licence for your first group. After that, each new group you start you have to buy another licence which costs a further £750. … You earn commission on the Slimming World food you sell.

Is Slimming World a pyramid scheme?

Simply put it’s a pyramid scheme

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30-40 hour week for a group with very little return. Demoralising. Hierarchy of sw is a joke. If you can play the game and crawl up managements backside you’ll go far.

What is it like being a Slimming World consultant?

We look for people with a positive outlook, who genuinely care about the health and happiness of others. Whether you’re confident and outgoing or more reserved, as a Consultant, you’ll be kind, warm, non-judgmental –sometimes firm, and often funny – as you offer support and encouragement to your group.

How many Slimming World Consultants are there?

It operates through a network of 3,500 “consultants” across the country. Slimming World offers an eating plan based on food satiety and energy density as well as a group support service called IMAGE Therapy.

How much should you lose a week on Slimming World?

Hundreds of thousands of slimmers have found success with Food Optimising, and weight losses range from 7lbs to 10st or more. We encourage a healthy rate of weight loss of an average of 1-2lbs per week. This is a realistic and achievable goal for most people.

What is a diamond target member Slimming World?

The coveted Diamond Member award celebrates members who have achieved long-term successful weight loss. Around 10% of Slimming World’s members are target members who have reached their target weight and attend the organisation’s community groups for free.*

How do I leave Slimming World?

To cancel your membership, log into your account, click on your avatar top right of the screen and choose Settings, then select the Account & Membership option, followed by Membership status.

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What is Miss Slinky Slimming World?

Now two years on, Verity has been named Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2022, a competition to acknowledge members who have become happier and more confident since losing weight.

How many holidays do you get on Slimming World?

You can either use one of your six absence weeks, or your Consultant will ask you to pay a commitment back fee the following week.

Can Slimming World reopen?

Yes, absolutely. Covid-safe, real-life Slimming World groups are open and we’re ready and waiting to help you achieve your weight loss dreams.

How long do Slimming World classes last?

The Slimming World group meeting generally lasts an hour and a half but I have heard that some meetings can last up to 2 hours. If you can’t stay you can just go to get weighed and then leave which a lot of people do. I would recommend staying for the group meeting as that is what encourages you to keep going.