Did James from 600 lb life lose weight?

A sad ending. Unfortunately for James King, his weight loss journey did not have a happy ending, as he died on April 3, 2020, at the age of 49. The Sun reported that before his passing, he had lost 340 pounds since his 2018 “Where Are They Now” appearance.

What happened to James K on my 600 pound life?

My 600-lb Life star James King died of ‘kidney failure’- but was ‘proud to have lost 340 pounds’ before death. MY 600-lb Life star James King died of “kidney failure,” The Sun can exclusively reveal. James, 49, passed away at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, April 3.

Did James B from my 600 pound life lose the weight?

‘My 600-lb Life’ star credits 119lb weight loss to family support. For James Bedard, his weight loss journey made him address other issues in life, including his depression.

Where is James Bedard now?

James, however, admits to the cameras that his heart is in Florida with his partner Pumpkin. He also has a passion for writing and creating music that he discovered in Florida.

Did James B have weight loss surgery?

The young man from South Carolina says he spent his early life trying to prove himself to his adoptive family. After losing a leg, he battled obesity. But now LB is changing his life. He had gastric bypass surgery performed by Dr.

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Are Erica Wall and Jimmy still together?

Now, who had to take extra steps to repair the past damage. And for a brief time, she and her boyfriend Jimmy broke up after he essentially accused her of being a hoarder. They have since reconciled if her Facebook banner is any indication. These days, Erica is living a quiet life and keeping to herself.

Who lost the most weight on my 600 pound life?

Milla Clarke

Clarke is also one of the biggest success stories on My 600-lb Life. The star appeared on the show weighing 751 pounds. Clarke lost more than 550 pounds during her time on the show, dropping to a staggering 155 pounds, reports Caught on Camera.

Did Lashanta get weight loss surgery?

Like many of the individuals who have appeared on the show, Lashanta remained determined to qualify for gastric bypass. After a year, Lashanta was able to lose an additional 47 pounds, which allowed Dr. Now to schedule her for gastric bypass surgery. Nowadays, she’s almost unrecognizable.