Best answer: Where is Slim Fast manufactured?

Big-D Construction served as Construction Manager and General Contractor for Slim-Fast Foods’ 450,000-square-foot western manufacturing plant and distribution center. Located in Tucson, Arizona, this was the second Slim-Fast Foods Company plant in the world.

Who manufactures SlimFast?


Product type Dietary supplement foods
Owner Glanbia
Country United States
Introduced 1977
Markets U.S., UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Latin America

Is SlimFast still a thing?

The SlimFast diet has been around since 1977. It’s currently based on following a 1-2-3 Plan, which involves eating 1 whole food meal, 2 meal replacements, and 3 snacks each day.

Why was SlimFast created?

Created in 1977 by S. Daniel Abraham, Slim-Fast grew rapidly in the 1980s due in part to successful advertising featuring celebrities like Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. The company was spun off from Thompson Medical Co. in 1990, and consumer products giant Unilever acquired it in 2000.

Who is the CEO of SlimFast?

Chris Tisi: the CEO Who Revived SlimFast.

When did Glanbia buy SlimFast?

Glanbia agrees to acquire SlimFast for $350 million

In 2017 SlimFast delivered $212 million net sales, adjusted EBITDA (before non-recurring costs) of $24 million and, after non-recurring supply chain transition costs, a net loss before tax of $12 million.

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Who owns Weight Watchers?

If you’re experiencing diarrhea after drinking Slimfast, it may be due to the milk. Fat-free milk is the primary ingredient in the diet drink. … Bloating, diarrhea and gas are the common symptoms of lactose intolerance, which only a doctor can diagnose.

Is SlimFast full of sugar?

Sugar can make you fat. Because SlimFast foods are so full of sugar, you might be running a hamster wheel when it comes to keeping the weight off.

Can you have 3 SlimFast shakes a day?

A SlimFast diet plan consists of replacing any two meals with shakes, bars or cookies, eating one portion-controlled healthy meal of choice, and consuming three 100-calorie snacks in between. Drinking SlimFast shakes three times a day is not recommended.

Is SlimFast a fad diet?

The reason SlimFast is often lumped into the “fad diet” category is because it is simply that: A fad diet that has somehow been around for 40 years. These kinds of weight-loss products, meal-replacement smoothies, and little cheats will always be around in some form.

Is SlimFast easy to digest?

Slim-Fast Easy-to-Digest: available only in shakes, this formula is lactose- and gluten-free, for people who cannot digest products containing wheat or milk.

How much is SlimFast worth?

Even though Kainos Capital has recently been working to revitalize SlimFast, this is not an unexpected sale. Bloomberg reported in March that the private equity firm hired Harris Williams to sell the company. At that time, SlimFast was valued at about $400 million.

Who is Danny Abraham?

Sim Daniel Abraham (born August 15, 1924) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Thompson Medical, whose main product is Slim-Fast, a diet program.

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S. Daniel Abraham
Spouse(s) Estanne Weiner (divorced) Ewa Sebzda
Children 6

Is SlimFast a dairy product?

Slimfast Advanced Nutrition meal-replacement shakes are lactose-free.

How many carbs are in SlimFast?

Servings Per Container: 12

Nutrient Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate 8g 2%
Dietary Fiber 5g 20%
Sugars <1g
Protein 12g 24%